Camp Jitterbug 2010
Lindy Hop Couples Finals
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Bio & Awards
A clear passion for the dance

Michael “Dargoff” Darigol embodies the spirit of lindy hop. His creativity, style and joy while dancing can scarcely be matched today. Michael has been dancing and performing in the swing dance community since 2003 his interest and dedication to lindy hop, jazz and blues has led him to competitions and events worldwide. With a clear passion and love for the dance he has volunteered his time to promote lindy hop worldwide.

Since 2007, Michael has been teaching dance in the Seattle area. His instruction ranges from Lindy Hop and Charleston, to Solo Authentic Jazz, Blues and Balboa.

Instruction & DJing
Group and private lessons. Great music!

Lessons available in Authentic Jazz/Swing Dances of the Teens, Twenties, Thirties, Forties and beyond: Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast Swing, Blues, Balboa, Solo Jazz.

Michael will play music for you. He will play music that makes you dance.

What people are saying about Dargoff

It takes talent and fierce dedication to be an incredible dancer. But to be an incredible instructor takes a rare spirit and a special gift. Michael is both an incredible dancer and an incredible instructor. His creativity, devotion, generosity and playful attitude come through in all that he teaches. A class with him is truly a delightful experience.

-Amanda Ford